About Good Hair Love


Thank you for visiting Good Hair Love!

This apparel brand was created by blogger Toia B. of ToBNatural as a vehicle to celebrate naturally textured hair.

In the spring of 2013, she and her artist husband put their creativity to work to launch a small line of graphic tees and tanks. The line was put on hold in the pursuit of other endeavors.

Three years later, ToBNatural Tees relaunches as Good Hair Love with old favorites and new designs to come!

Why "Good Hair Love"?

Our goal is to put a positive spin on a normally divisive term used to describe looser textured hair, placing it above tighter, kinkier textures. We believe that no one texture is better than another - all (healthy) hair is GOOD hair!

Good Hair Love aims to help women embrace and love their natural beauty, capturing the triumphs and trials of natural hair life with catchy tag lines and original art.

We hope you can find a bit of yourself in our work!

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Instagram: @goodhairlove | @tobnatural  | Facebook: ToBNatural